We deal with a wide range of problems from serious mental health issues to helping people who just want a happier, more fulfilled life. People usually come to us when they have trouble coping… and that could be with any number of things including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  •  Stress
  • Sexual functioning issues
  • Anger management
  • Alcohol/substance abuse
  • Personality issues
  • Mood issues

Clients may be having difficulties in a relationship, within the family or at work. People also come to us to develop strategies for advancing their careers.


Sometimes life can be pretty lonely place if you can’t talk about a problem or get a reality check about some aspect of your life with someone who is objective. If it’s on your mind, if it affects your relationships, your work and or your enjoyment of life, it’s probably a time to get some perspective.


Our counselling practice specialises in working with families who need a plan to get through particular challenges. Let’s define the problem and look for a strategy. We use practical, time-tested (evidence based) techniques to deal with conflict, anger, communication problems and separation issues.

We run parenting groups to equip parents with strategies and coping skills to deal with adolescent problems.

And because we’ve been doing this for so long we know when and where to turn for specialists, such as psychiatrists, endocrinologists and GPs


Adolescents strive to be understood by those around them, but sometimes they don’t make it easy. There can be a lot of mixed messages, rebellion and behaviours that can frustrate not only parents but other family members. This can sometimes bring families to breaking point.

We work with all the family members who want to be involved to find a better relationship and promote a climate for growth. That often means learning new communication, parenting and conflict resolution skills.

This approach sees many young people empowered by the process and motivated to succeed and thrive in their lives.


In couples counselling we try to uncover the real issues that are causing problems. Quite often couples fight about anything and everything, but what’s at the heart of their unhappiness.

Couples counselling can save so much time and conflict by addressing those issues in a safe and confidential setting; you can see a psychologist as individuals or together.

We see couples in various stages of their relationships, from people who want to resolve conflicts before they get married, to time-poor and stressed working couples, and people who want help with divorce.

Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling is available to clients who might not be able to make it to a session or who are away from Sydney. It’s not a replacement for face-to-face counselling, but an option in special circumstances. And, of course, clients can call in an emergency.

Business services

Over the years we’ve helped so many people with business issues.

They come to us for workplace strategies… for a motivational recharge… or for independent advice about a career move.

We’ve proudly watched as clients have overcome self-defeating behaviours and have gone back into the working world with new confidence and skills.

Our other website, JSA International Communications, also offers corporate training, coaching for executives and staff and company-wide team building as well as organisational change projects .