GP Information

First of all, we thank the hundreds of GPs that have referred to us over the last 26 years; we thank you for your trust in us. Over the years, as part of the therapeutic team, we have seen varied nosological diagnoses. We have also been fortunate to surround ourselves with many mental health specialists; including psychiatrists, endocrinologists and neurologists.

Our psychologists have always been and continue to be supervised and commit to their own professional and personal development.

We are proud to say that we have also been asked to provide training to some of our GP practices in areas that are important to them.

We can provide training on a wide variety of topics:-

  • depression in adolescents
  • psychosexual disorders
  • stress management and lifestyle
  • conflict resolution
  • bullying
  • and cross cultural issues such as cross cultural communication.

As most of you know, we are known for dealing with countless cross cultural issues on an individual, couples and family basis; including dealing with intercultural couples.

We look forward to many years of a rewarding professional relationship with you.